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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cupcakes Class

Combine high-ratio vanilla cake and assorted buttercream (Italian Merengue Buttercream flavored with freeze-dried fruits, Nutella, extracts or coffee liquor), decorating candies, even luster dust, and voila, a blast!

One student this day drove to Gourmandise from Tijuana, Mexico, so he can learn to bake and decorate, and maybe open a cupcake shop there. 

Here are the BEAUTIFUL pics:

These were done by the guy from Mexico.
I think his shop will be a success!

I love this one. A piping bag and some patience is all it took!

The metallic frosting was simply brushed with shiny luster dust. Find it at Surfas or other restaurant supply stores. 

We couldn't let anyone leave without a little chocolate! Those on the left were dipped in a simple dark ganache. Yum!

Happy decorating - hope these give you inspiration for your next par-ty. 

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