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Monday, March 12, 2012

Brooke's "A Future American in Paris" Quilt

My best friend from college visited me a few months ago with her husband and her daughter Brooke. They stayed at my house a night. Brooke liked all the quilts I had on the beds. I told her I'd sew her one of her own but that I needed to know what she liked. She gave me several ideas: cheerleaders, shopping, "doggies," princesses, oh, and definitely Paris - her bedroom theme was all about the City of Lights.

This is what I created for her:

When Brooke received her quilt in the mail she told her mommy it was "sooo me." I love that I got it right! I also love that Brooke said, "She said she'd do it and she did it." Thus, I guess my quilt became a moral lesson for my friend to teach her daughter too:  it feels great when someone keeps their word.  And that made every stitch worth it!

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